Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unseen Spaak: Non faccio la guerra, faccio l'amore (1966)

Directed by Franco Rossi, best known for co-directing several Italian omnibus films in the sixties (including Catherine Spaak in "La Moglie Bambina" for "Tre Notti d'amore"), this film (which translates to "Don't Make War, Make Love" in English) starring Spaak as a 20 year-old girl aboard a German ship seems to be entirely out of circulation.

If this has been seen since 1966, it would've been on Italian or Spanish television sometime in the last forty years (I only assume not recently). There are no reviews online in any language. The soundtrack composed by Riz Ortolani was released on CAM records in Italy around the time of the film's release, but is not available on CD, nor (to my knowledge) does any piece from the score appear on any number of Ortolani compilations. The wonderful (almost Godard-like) photos of Spaak with the film's title printed on her yellow & black attire certainly pique my interest.

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