Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tre Notti d'amore (1964): Fatebenefratelli

In the second (and best) segment of "Tre Notti d'amore," Spaak plays a woman whose joyride in the country gets her into a bad car accident when she turns the wheel to avoid hitting a horse that was crossing the road. A nearby monastery claims responsibility for the accident and ends up taking her in, agreeing to personally hospitalize her for the several weeks it takes for the broken limbs to heal. As the weeks pass, Spaak - bedridden and barely able to move - tries every trick in the book to seduce a handsome monk played by John Phillip Law. A very funny piece with a delightful sense of irony and very good performances from both Spaak and Law, not to mention a killer Carlo Rustichelli score.

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