Friday, January 21, 2011

La Matriarca (1968)

Catherine Spaak starred in five movies that were released in 1968, including her first exploitation film, "La Matriarca." This is about a widow who discovers that her late husband had another apartment in the city where he cheated on her with other women who were more willing to "try new things." Spaak subsequently begins to use the apartment for her own sexual exploration, seeing various men over the course of the film, ultimately finding some kind of compatibility with a doctor (played by Jean-Louis Trintignat, Spaak's co-star in "Il Sorpasso" six years earlier). It opts for incessant silliness and random perversity when it needs to be funnier and sexier, but Spaak is wonderful to watch, adorned in a different outfit & sporting a new hairdo in almost every scene and along with the constant fashion switch she casts a multitude of charming expressions and moods.

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