Saturday, January 22, 2011

Il marito è mio e l'ammazzo quando mi pare (1966)

This incredibly silly, but not particularly funny, comedy follows Catherine Spaak as the wife of an elderly former musician. She meets and lusts after an eccentric younger man, and after a few meetings the younger man proposes to kill the husband so they can live together. Yes, it's the Italian comedy version of "The Postman Always Rings Twice."

This was directed by the prolific Pasquale Festa Campanile, best known for his screenplay credits on many of director Luchino Visconti's masterpieces (including "The Leopard" and "Rocco and His Brothers"), but had another career as a director of comedies and exploitation films. He made a film I'm fond of, "Scacco Alla Regina," and would later direct Spaak in "La Matriarca" and "Con quale amore, con quanto amore."

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