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Catherine Spaak: The Year in Review - 1969

1969 Japanese Pinup

Here is a picture of Catherine with an award on January 10, 1969, but I do not yet know the story behind this picture/award:

The January 29, 1969 Variety reported that Catherine was among the nominees for Best Actress on the first ballot mailed to members of the International Film Importers and Distributors of America in preparation for the group's upcoming awards ceremony.  I do not yet have any more information about this award nomination.

It appears that Catherine spent the first part of the year doing additional performances of Aspettando Jo (aka Waiting for Joe) with Johnny Dorelli, which was performing well with theater audiences.
  • The March 26, 1969 Variety reported:  "The Catherine Spaak-Johnny Dorelli legit, comedy, 'Waiting For Joe' broke house records at Teatro Quirino."
If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium was released in the U.S. on April 24, 1969.
One press report indicates that Catherine and Jean-Louis Trintignant were scheduled to come to the U.S. in April to promote The Libertine, but I have not seen any other information or pictures to support that story.  The Libertine opened on May 15, 1969 at the Trans-Lux East and West theaters in New York City, where it performed reasonably well.
  • The March 19, 1969 Variety reported:  "Jean-Louis Trintignant and Catherine Spaak, leads in Audubon Films' 'The Libertine,' will come to the U.S. next month to make a national tour on behalf of the Italo import.
Certo, certissimo, anzi...probablile began shooting in Rome in late June or early July of 1969 and was completed by early September.
  • The July 9, 1969 Variety reported that Certo, certissimo, anzi...probablile was "a recent starter with Claudia Cardinale and Catherine Spaak directed by Marcello Fondato for Clesi Cinematografica." 
  • The November 5, 1969 Variety included an article discussing Italian censorship with producer Silvio Clementelli.  In regard to Certo, certissimo, anzi...probabile, it noted:  "Instead of candidly disclosing what his projects are all about, his press office has been resorting to the gloss of 'sentimental comedy' for the Claudia Cardinale, Catherine Spaak starrer...,which Marcello Fondato completed a little more than a month ago. ... Fondato's film boils down to an ironic commentary on the difficulty of young women to lead a bachelor life in an age when the femme has not yet attained sexual liberation."
  • The August 27, 1969 Variety reported:  "Marcello Fondato returned to Rome soundstages from coastal exteriors with Claudia Cardinale, Catherine Spaak, John Phillip Law, Nino Castelnuovo and Robert Hoffman for final scenes of the Clesi production 'Switchboard Girls'." 
  • The September 3, 1969 Variety reported that Fondato had completed the picture.
Catherine appeared in the August 1969 issue of Paris Vogue:

According to this press photo, Catherine was with Johnny Dorelli in Venice on August 25, but I do not know the story behind this.

Upon completion of her work on Certo, certissimo, anzi...probabile, Catherine was scheduled to go to Mexico at the beginning of September to do four television shows (I presume variety-type shows), two in Acapulco and two in Mexico City, but the deal appears to have fallen through, resulting in a cancellation of the shows.
  • The September 3, 1969 Variety reported from Mexico City on September 2 that "Catherine Spaak's arrival in Mexico was cancelled because sponsors of  her four programmed teevee shows had forgotten to pay the $40 work permit fee to immigration authorities, reports her rep, Antonio Angeli."
  • The September 3, 1969 Variety reported from Mexico that "Local tv producer Antonio Fernandez claims he's signed Catherine Spaak ... for four shows ...-two in Acapulco and two in Mexico City."
  • The September 3, 1969 Variety reported from Mexico that "Catherine Spaak's arrival was postponed until this week due to obstacles involved in procuring her work permit, per ad agency Camacho y Orvananos, which signed her for four tv shows."
After the project in Mexico fell through, Catherine spent the remainder of the year working with Johnny Dorelli to prepare an Italian stage version of the Neil Simon play Promises, Promises and filming Con quale amore, con quanto amore.  
  • The September 10, 1969 Variety reported from Rome that "Johnny Doreilli and Catherine Spaak are preparing an Italo stage version of Neil Simon's 'Promises Promises'."  (Note:  It opened in February of 1970 and will be discussed further in a future post called "Catherine Spaak:  The Year in Review - 1970").
  • The August 27, 1969 Variety reported:  "On Sept. 10, Clementelli and director Festa Campanile start 'How Much Do You Love Me?' with a cast topped by Catherine Spaak, Claude Rich, and Lou Castel from a screenplay by Ottavio Jemma."
  • The October 7, 1969 Variety reported that "Catherine Spaak, Claude Rich, and Lou Castel are filming 'How Much Do I Love You' for producer Silvio Clementelli and director Pasquale Festa Companile."
  • The November 6, 1969 Variety reported:  "Claude Rich to Italy to star opposite Catherine Spaak and Lou Castel in 'How Much Do You Love Me?'"
  • The December 17, 1969 Variety reported:  "Now winding his role in the Clesi production 'How Much Do 1 Love You' with Catherine Spaak and Lou Castel, French actor Claude Rich will next..."
Certo, certissimo, anzi...probablile was released in Italy on November 6, 1969 (according to IMDB).

Now, for some images from 1969.

An insert poster from the February 11, 1969 issue of Cinemonde:

1969 Japanese pinups:

1969 Magazines:

Japanese clippings that appear to be from around 1969:

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