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Catherine Spaak: The Year in Review - 1967

1967 Italian Record Release

Catherine spent some time in the U.S. in the early part of 1967 to promote the release of Hotel. The film premiered for the press at a 3-day event put on by Warner Bros. in Miami Beach, culminating in a January 21 screening of the film.  Catherine was in attendance at this event, and it appears that she remained in the U.S. for a while based on reports in Variety:
  • The February 1, 1967 Variety reported Catherine on a list of people "N.Y. to L.A."
  • The April 5, 1967 Variety reported:  "Catherine Spaak back from Hollywood [to Rome] to join Philippe Leroy in 'Nights are made for Theft'."
  • The June 7, 1967 Variety reported from Rome:  "Catherine Spaak returned last month from her first Hollywood film assignment in 'Hotel' to team with Philippe Leroy in 'The Night Is Made To Steal' for producer Silvio Clementelli in a coproduction with Trebol Film of Madrid."  
Here is a press photo that was taken of Catherine at the Rome airport as she was heading to Paris in March:

La calda vita was released in the U.S. in March 1967 (that release was probably very limited).
Made in Italy had its U.S. premiere in New York City on April 30, 1967.

During the May to July period, Catherine worked on the filming of La notte e fatta per..rubare (Nights Are Made For Stealing) in Monte Carlo, Madrid, and Rome. 
  • The April 13, 1967 Variety reported:  "Catherine Spaak has been cast in Italo film, 'Poor Yes, But Honest Never.' Giorgio Capitani will direct.  Philippe Leroy has male lead."
  • The May 15, 1967 Variety reported:  "Catherine Spaak has been signed for 'Night Is Made For Stealing'."
  • The June 28, 1967 Variety reported:  "Catherine Spaak, Philippe Leroy and director Giorgio Capitani returned from Monte Carlo locations to film wind-up interiors of 'The Night Is Made to Steal' in Rome."
  • The June 28, 1967 Variety included a story in which Silvio Clementelli discussed issues that he must consider in regard to production deals and marketing of his films worldwide.  It noted:  "He has no misgivings about his three-picture program for this year.  'Nights Are Made For Stealing,' now more than midway through production with Giorgi Capitano directing Catherine Spaak and Philippe Leroy, was presold in Europe and investment recovered before shooting started.  His second, 'Drop Dead My Love,' another sophisticated comedy adventure he has consigned to director Festa Campanile, rolls in August with Catherine Spaak and Hugh Griffith...With 'Nights Are Made For Stealing' and 'Drop Dead My Love' in mind, Clementelli's final comment on the growing American-Italian film industry partnership was the preoccupation that Italy's spicy approach to sex might suffer in intensity and piquancy.  'American moviegoers are not as worried about this problem as the American film companies.  If they insist on toning us down, we will both lose by it,' Clementelli reflected."
  • The July 12, 1967 Variety reported that Catherine was in Madrid to shoot "Night for a Robbery." 
  • The October 11, 1967 Variety reported that the film had wrapped in July. 
In late September through early December, Catherine worked on Il marito e mio e l'ammazzo quando mi pare (Drop Dead, My Love) around Rome, including at a former papal residence, the Villa Borghese (which is a big tourist attraction for Rome visitors).
  • The August 16, 1967 Variety reported:  "Silvio Clementelli signed Hugh Griffith for 'Drop Dead My Love,' to star Catherine Spaak under Pasquale Festa Campanile's direction."
  • The October 4, 1967 Variety reported:  "Director Festa Campanile started cameras rolling in the Rome suburb of Frascati for 'He's My Husband and I'll Kill Him When I Please' with Catherine Spaak, Hugh Griffith & Hywell Bennett."
  • The December 6, 1967 Variety reported:  "Producer Silvio Clementelli is winding final scenes for 'He's My Husband and I'll Kill Him When I Like' at the Villa Borghese in Frascati-once a papal residence for Paul V, Pius VII, Benedict XIV, and Pius IX.  Sanctified past of ancient chateau is not cramping director Festa Campanile, filming his sophisticated sex comedy with Catherine Spaak, Hugh Griffith and Hywel Bennett on garden exteriors and natural interiors."
In early October (according to Variety), Catherine was scheduled to serve on the jury of the British Film Festival in Sorrento, Italy, along with many other stars of Italian cinema.

In the fall of 1967 (probably October), La notte e fatta per..rubare was released in Italy, and Ricordi released La notte e fatta per rubare/Sogni e niente piu, which included the title cut from Catherine's film La notte e fatta per..rubare. The record sleeve is pictured at the beginning of this post.
  • The November 8, 1967 Variety reported:  "Catherine Spaak waxed the title tune of her latest film, 'The Night Is Made For Stealing.' Both pic and Ricordi platter are doing nicely."
A modeling photo from 1967:

Some Japanese clippings and pinups from 1967:

Cover and article from the November 21, 1967 edition of Cinemonde:

A picture from the January 31, 1967 edition of Cinemonde:

More magazines from 1967:

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