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Catherine Spaak: The Year in Review - 1975

 February 1975 Italian Publication

Catherine began 1975 working on Take a Hard Ride in the Canary Islands, which was completed by spring.  She may have also been doing some wrap-up work on Los pajaros de Baden-Baden, which was finalized during the winter of 1975.
  • The January 8, 1975 Variety reported:  "Catherine Spaak planed to the Canary Islands for her role in 'Hard Ride' with Lee Van Cleef, Jim Brown and Fred Williamson under the direction of Anthony Dawson (nee Antonio Margheriti)."
  • The January 22, 1975 Variety reported:  "Lensing has begun in the Canary Islands on 'Take a Hard Ride' western for 20th-Fox which Harry Bernsen is producing. Lee Van Cleef, Jim Brown, Catherine Spaak, Fred Williamson and Jim Kelly topline."
  • The January 29, 1975 Variety reported:  "'Birds of Baden- Baden,' a Catherine Spaak, Frederick de Pascuale starrer due to be in can in a few weeks."
  • The February 3, 1975 Variety:  "Jim Brown is back in LA after a four month absence, first in Africa, then the Canary Islands, where he costarred in 'Take A Hard Ride,' a western with Lee Van Cleef, Fred Williamson, Catherine Spaak."
Catherine's father, Charles Spaak, died at the age of 71 in Nice, France on March 4 from complications from an arterial surgery.

At some point during the first half of the year, Catherine performed in a figure skating charity event for the circus Moira Orfei.

Although she may have been working on some recordings during the year, Catherine took some time off to spend more time at home with Gabriele and her husband (while Dorelli was working on a play in Rome and not traveling for work), pursuing her personal interests/hobbies, and considering scripts for potential future film projects (see the previous blog post for a summer 1975 interview with Catherine).  During 1975, Catherine had three 45 rpm records released in Italy on the CGD label:  Un'estate/Ciao, Confessione/Mea culpa (with Johnny Dorelli), and Post scriptum/Meditazione 2.

I have not been able to find any images of Confessione/Mea culpa, and I have only found an image of the record itself for Post scriptum/Meditazione 2 (since the record indicates that it's on the CBS label, this record may not be an Italian release; it may be a release in some other country).

Apparently, Catherine's filmmaking plans were in a state of flux by December of 1975, or else Variety was confused about her projects.  According to reports in the December 17 Variety, Bruciati da cocente passione was underway (without Catherine in the cast), and Andrew's Complex was underway (WITH Catherine in the cast).  As will be discussed more in a later post regarding 1976, the former did not commence until 1976 (WITH Catherine in the cast), and the latter was released in 1976 without any appearance by Catherine.
  • The December 17, 1975 Variety reported:  "Also for the Bertolucci-Rizzoli team Giorgio Capitani is presently directing 'Burned by a Hot Passion' toplining Jane Birkin, Aldo Maccione, and Cochi.  Joe D'Amato's 'Andrew's Complex,' a comedy with Jacques Dufilho, Catherine Spaak, Gastone Pescucci, Claudio Gora, and Enzo Colaiacono went before cameras Dec. 1 produced by Kristal Film for Mago."
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