Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Catherine Spaak: The Year in Review - 1973

1973 Italian Magazine Cover

The year began with Catherine committed to filming La schiava io ce l'ho e tu no.  Filming was expected to commence in Rome and Brazil by mid-April of 1973, but production did not start until May 21, 1973 and was completed by mid-summer.
  • The October 4, 1972 Variety reported that producer-director Gianni Grimaldi has lined up Lando Buzzanca, Catherine Spaak and Philippe Leroy for "Pleasure Boy"- a look at night-life hedonism in Rome."
  • The March 7, 1973 Variety reported that:  Medusa Cinematografica will produce 'The Slave' in Italy and Brazil starting mid-April with Giorgio Capitani helming and Lando Buzzanca topbilled.
  • The May 9, 1973 Variety reported that "Slave Woman" with Catherine Spaak was "now filming."
  • The June 27, 1973 Variety reported:  Seven Stars MEDUSA THE SLAVE (La schiava) (May 21 start Rome and Brazil) ... Director: Giorgio Capitani Cast: Lando Buzzanca, Catherine Spaak, Veronica Merin.
Other than perhaps working on promotional duties for Cari genitori, which premiered in Italy on February 9, 1973, it is not clear how Catherine spent her time during the first few months of 1973.  She may have worked on some recordings with husband Dorelli.  Catherine and Johnny had two 45 rpm records released during 1973 on the CGD label.  Una serata insieme a te/Non so piu come amarlo was released by June, because the June 20, 1973 edition of Variety listed it at #10 on the charts in Rome as of June 19.  

Also, Cosi un uomo e una donna/Proviamo a innamorarci was released at some point during the year.

One of the Spaak/Dorelli songs (I don't know which one, yet), was included on a compilation album in 1973.  Here is an image of the 8 track tape of that album:

Catherine was featured in an article in the April 21, 1973 edition of Hola magazine:

In August, Catherine began work on Storia di una monaca di clausura, which was shot in Rome.
  • The August 9, 1973 Variety reported:  "Suzy Kendall replaces Joan Collins in the Splendor-PAC production 'Diary Of A Cloistered Nun'."
  • The August 22, 1973 Variety reported:   "Femme principals in 'Story of a Cloistered Nun' are Catherine Spaak, Suzy Kendall and young newcomer Eleonora Giorgi."
I am not aware of what Catherine was doing over the last quarter of 1973.  Perhaps she spent some time with publicity duties surrounding the release of the two films on which she worked in 1973.  La schiava io ce l'ho e tu no premiered in Italy on October 7, 1973.  Storia di una monaca di clausura premiered in Italy on November 9, 1973.

Here is a 1973 calendar card featuring Catherine:

Here is a magazine clipping from 1973 that shows Catherine with Sabrina and another child (I cannot read the article in the image, and that boy appears to be older than 2, Gabriele's age in 1973).

Here is a 1973 magazine advertisement featuring Catherine:

Here is a clipping from a 1973 edition of Oggi magazine:

Here is a clipping from a 1973 Spanish magazine:

Here are additional magazines featuring Catherine from 1973: