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Catherine Spaak: The Year in Review - 1972

1972 Magazine Cover

The two films on which Catherine worked in 1971 premiered in Italy during the first quarter of 1972, but I have not yet found any information to indicate what was otherwise keeping Catherine busy in early 1972.  Un uomo dall pelle dura premiered in Italy on February 2.  Causa di divorzio premiered in Italy on March 3.

By mid-spring, Catherine was busy filming Un meurtre est un meurtre
  • The May 3, 1972 Variety reported:  "Claude Chabrol doing walkon bit for Etienne Perier in latter's suspenser, 'A Murder is a Murder,' now shooting with Jean Claude Brialy, Catherine Spaak and Stephane Audrane.
It appears that at some point during 1972, perhaps upon completion of Un meurtre est un meurtre, or perhaps during the first quarter of the year before filming of Un meurtre est un meurtre, Catherine was working on a film with Philippe Leroy called The Other Side of the Scales, but filming was halted when the producers ran out of money.  As far as I know, this film was never completed, and I have found no other information about the production.
  • The August 23, 1972 Variety reported:  "Cannata Ranch Prods. ran out of coin and filming with Philippe Leroy and Catherine Spaak in 'The Other Side Of The Scales' was suspended."
With that said, I have come across two press photos reportedly from that incomplete/unreleased film:

Catherine's famous Belgian politician uncle, Paul-Henri Spaak died on July 31, 1972 at the age of 73.

In late August, Catherine was scheduled to begin work on the first Italo-Mexican co-production, a film called One Way, which was to feature Catherine with James Mason and an Italian actor to be named later and was to be directed by Jorge Darnell.  I do not know the story behind this film, whether it was delayed resulting in the leads moving on to other projects, or what happened, but it was eventually shot with Mimsy Farmer and Fernando Rey as the leads (with Jorge Darnell directing and Luigi Pistilli as the Italian actor to be named later).  IMDB indicates that the film was released in Mexico on September 22, 1973.
  • In an article called "First Italo-Mexican Film to Roll in Rome," the July 26, 1972 Variety reported from Mexico City:  "Everything's ready in Rome to start shooting the first Italo-Mex coproduction 'One Way' according to screenwriter Hugo Arguelles who just returned from Italy where he'd been working on the script.  At a conference with Alejandro Sanvicente, head of Churubusco Studios which will finance the Mexican end, Arguelles said the cast will include James Mason, Catherine Spaak, Sergio Jimenez, Jorge Martinez de Hoyos, Rita Macedo, Estela Inda, Leon Singer, Rodrigo Puebla and an Italian actor still to be chosen.  'One Way' is scheduled to start shooting at the Rizcine Studios in Rome, Aug. 20.  It will be directed by Jorge Darnell with Joe Menczer behind the camera and Riz Ortolani writing the score."
On August 4, 1972 Catherine and Johnny Dorelli married in Meda, Italy (near Milan).
  • The August 9, 1972 Variety reported:  "Catherine Spaak to Johnny Dorelli, Aug. 4, Meda ( near Milan), Italy. Second marriage for film actress, whose uncle, Belgian statesman Paul-Henri Spaak, died two weeks ago; she was formerly wife of Italian fashion designer Fabrizio Capucci; groom..."
Here are some photos from the event:

On August 23, Un meurtre est un meurtre premiered in France.

At some point during the August to October period, Catherine worked on Cari genitori in London.
  • The August 23, 1972 Variety reported:   "Enrico Maria Salerno directing 'Three Women' in London for Carlo Ponti with Florinda Bolkan, Catherine Spaak and Maria Schneider."
  • The September 27, 1972 Variety reported from London that Catherine was among the people "in, out & around."
I have not yet found any information indicating how Catherine finished out 1972, other than an indication that she attended and received an award at a film festival in Lecce, Italy in November and that she was signed to act in La schiava io ce l'ho e tu no (which was not filmed until 1973).
  • The October 4, 1972 Variety reported that producer-director Gianni Grimaldi has lined up Lando Buzzanca, Catherine Spaak and Philippe Leroy for "Pleasure Boy"- a look at night-life hedonism in Rome."
  • According to the November 29, 1972 Variety, Catherine was on hand at a film festival in Lecce, Italy and received a Golden Mask award (not sure for what). 
Here is a press photo of Catherine with actress Paolo Pitagora at an unknown event (There is a December 5, 1972 date on the back).  I am wondering if it was at the November film festival in Lecce, Italy.

Based on the coat and the hair, it looks like this press photo may be from the same event.

At some point during the year, Il Padrino/Song Sung Blue, a 45 rpm record with Catherine and Johnny Dorelli was released.  Song Sung Blue was a #1 hit for Neil Diamond in the U.S. in July 1972, so I'm guessing that Catherine and Dorelli recorded and released the song in the latter part of 1972 in Italy.

This is a press photo of Catherine with Pippo Baudo, who was generally known as an Italian television host.  In 1972, he was hosting a musical show for TV called Canzonissima, so my best guess at this point is that Catherine appeared on that show at some point during 1972.

Here is some type of pop rock collectors card from Italy in 1972 (featuring an early 1960's picture of Catherine):

Here are magazines from 1972 that feature Catherine:

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